We have a range of products that complement Business One, either by automating repetitive tasks, improving functionality in specific areas or extending it’s reach beyond the company network.

Our add-ons are available via SAP Business One resellers.

IA Proof of Delivery App

The IA Proof of Delivery App enables SAP Business One Users to access Delivery Information, Capture Signatures and Photographs when confirming deliveries via a Handheld Application.

Traditionally, proof of delivery consisted of a paper delivery note that the customer signed to acknowledge receipt of the goods and allow for invoicing.

But, with the IA Proof of Delivery App, your own delivery drivers can collect data beyond the traditional signature, enhancing the customer experience while cutting operational costs.

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IA Production & Scheduling

IA Production & Scheduling is a live graphical production planning board for SAP Business One.

Using the production planner will:

  • Enhance Material Procurement so that MRP is working against deliverable work plans
  • Takes into account likely wait times, either before or after each operation making the planning process more realistic
  • Takes into account sub-contract operations where items are sent to subcontractors in the middle of internal operations on a production order, giving suppliers greater visibility
Production & Scheduling
IA Project Plus

Comprehensive Project Control Suite for SAP Business One

IA Project Plus for SAP Business One has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of project driven companies. While, SAP Business One for Project industries is perfect for companies where only part of their business is project based. Companies with a combination of trade, service and projects require a broad base of functionality in an integrated and easy to use system.

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IA Credit Safe

IA Credit Safe integrates SAP Business One with the credit checking service, Creditsafe*. From within SAP Business One you can request the credit rating of a business partner and receive automated updates if that rating changes.

Features include:

  • Stream up to date financial information directly from Creditsafe’s global database of business information directly into your SAP Business One application.
  • Allow all SAP Business One users to view credit ratings and limits, automating credit control policy with consistent decisions.
  • Receive updates of changes to the financial risk of clients directly within your SAP Business One application. This can even be set up for individual portfolio managers.
  • Update changes to the address and contact details of accounts in real time ensuring excellent data quality.
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IA Mobile Service

IA Mobile Service is a simple, easy to use, software-based business tool for field maintenance and service companies. It allows your field force to receive jobs and return completed job sheets electronically – all via a mobile device.

IA Mobile Service makes all your paper-based forms and certificates accessible electronically on any web-enabled device, including tablets, PDAs, mobile phones and desktop workstations. It allows you to enter data about jobs at the customer site and send the information back to the office in real time.

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IA Self Service Portals

Do you spend time providing copies of these documents to customers?

  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Delivery Notes
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Credit Notes
  • Price Lists

Our self service portal allows customers to view or download these documents on demand from a secure website, freeing your administrative staff from trivial tasks and allowing customers 24 hours access to their trading information. Customer access is administered directly from the Business Partner Master Data form, allowing quick set-up and revocation of credentials.

Available as a hosted solution or as an website you can host yourself, suitable for use as a sub-domain of your existing web presence. Delivered with a basic but modern layout that can be modified simply to reflect your branding.

The portal connects to a small, secure, web service which facilitates a live read-only link to your SAP Business One system.

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FastClose Accounting Software

Would you like to take away the pain from your month end reporting?

FastClose is out-of-the-box accounting reporting created specifically for Finance Managers. It has a built-in understanding of SAP Business One which means it installs and can be delivering reports against your own data in under 40 minutes.

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