IA Production & Scheduling for SAP Business One

IA Production & Scheduling is a live graphical production planning board for SAP Business One.

Rough cut capacity planning takes place by comparing the capacity plan to work centre capacities. The system plans by forward scheduling your production order operations and calculating the planned work order completion dates.

The planning board will plot capacity on a daily basis and can account for queue times, overlapping operations, and capacity constraints in order to show where overloads exist. Selecting a specific day and resource will show the footprint of the load, allowing manual drag & drop adjustment or an auto schedule to remove the overload.

Capacity is defined against standard resources in SAP Business One. The single run capacity is used as the base maximum load when forward scheduling. It is also possible to group the board by project and / or Sales Order, giving a complete 360 degree view of supply from production.



Using the production planner will:

  • Enhance Material Procurement so that MRP is working against deliverable work plans
  • Takes into account likely wait times, either before or after each operation making the planning process more realistic
  • Takes into account sub-contract operations where items are sent to subcontractors in the middle of internal operations on a production order, giving suppliers greater visibility
  • Ensure resources are planned optimally and reduce lead-times
  • Spot inefficiencies with real time feedback from Shop Floor Data Collection allowing continual process
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