SAP Business One Applications

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to keep your company operating to the optimum, then look no further than Integrated Applications.

We’ve developed the Integrated Applications range to help you get even more from your system.  By working closely with our customers we’ve created our modules to enhance SAP Business One. As a result, our products are unique in how they solve the issues you face.

Applications we offer

IA Proof of Delivery

A lightweight cloud-deployed solution with little or no involvement from your SAP partner.

The IA Proof of Delivery App enables SAP Business One Users to access Delivery Information, Capture Signatures and Photographs when confirming deliveries via a Handheld Application.

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IA Project Plus

Do you run a project driven company?

If so, then the combination of SAP Business One and IA Project is the perfect solution to the problems you face. With IA Project you’ll be able to manage a mix of trade, service and project planning all through one easy to use system.

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IA Production & Scheduling

Our production planning option for SAP Business One is an easy-to-use graphical planner that will allow load to be managed quickly and organised for the shop floor.

This will work with or without our Shop Floor Data Collection option, but where it is used the planner can see real time feedback of operations started, stopped, paused, or completed as well and any Non-Conformance raised during the production process.

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